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Trend of practicing science has to be kept continue in Bangladesh

Dr. Purabi Basu
Scientist, Fiction Writer and Storyteller

There are many people whose roots lie in Bangladesh, but forget about the country, the relatives in exile life. But Dr. Purabi Basu is an exception. Though she leads a comfortable life in America, Bangladesh is always in her mind. This highly educated woman has proudly maintained her Bangaliana and has enhanced her image so much that she is an eternal Bengali. She is a famous writer, a storyteller but unaware that she herself is a story in the Bengali community. She has become an idol to the new generation in the way she expresses her Bengali identity.
Dr. Pubari Basu comes from an aristocratic educated rich cultural family in Munshiganj, Bangladesh. Her father was a well-known physician in the city. She completed her honors degree in the Department of Pharmacy from Dhaka University. Then, she moved to America for pursuing higher education. She received her MS in Biochemistry from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in the United States and her PhD in Nutrition from the University of Missouri. As a scientist, she has always been involved in the practice of science, bringing prosperity to this complex process of science. At the same time, her brilliant journey is also brightening the image of Bengali speakers and Bangladeshis.

Dr. Pubari Basu has spent some time researching and teaching at Cornell University at the world-famous Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center in New York. Dr. Purabi Basu has highlighted many mysterious issues of science through research. She has also paved the way for discovering something new. These have also been published in various notable journals around the world.

She loves her country very much. For this reason, she comes back to the country at times. Once, she came to Bangladesh and got a high position in a famous pharmaceutical company. She contributed a lot to the advancement of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. She has also served as the Director of Health at BRAC, the world’s largest non-governmental organization. In the midst of all this, her practice of science did not stop. She kept this trend continued because she thinks, many promising scientists were born in this country, who gained worldwide fame and invented many important instruments but at that time the use of technology was not as advanced as here. So, others have made a name for themselves in that discovery. She thinks that this trend of practicing science should be kept continued in Bangladesh.
She is a famous writer. More than 50 story books and books on other subjects have been published. After her collection of stories was published in 2005, it was widely appreciated by the readers. She received the Ananya Sahitya Award in 2005. In 2013, she was awarded the ‘Bangla Academy’ medal in recognition of his contribution to Bengali literature.

Although Dr. Purabi Basu is a prominent scientist, she is well-known and enlightened in the literary arena of Bangladesh as a storyteller. Her husband Dr. Jyotiprakash Dutta has also gained a wide reputation as a researcher and storyteller. Dr. Purabi Basu and Dr. Jyotiprakash Dutta both have a profound knowledge over Bengali language literature. They are pride of Bangladesh.
Dr. Pubari Basu always thinks about the development of Bangladesh. When she hears any good news about Bangladesh, she enjoys it and feels proud. This scientist and writer is trying to advance the Bangladesh community in New York in many ways. She sincerely performed her duties in the celebration of 1st Baishakh including Ekushey February, Independence Day and Victory Day in the Bangladesh community. To the children of the new generation, she highlights the fundamentals of our history and our achievements as a nation. She thinks that wherever Bangladeshis are going, they are presenting their own culture in an enlightened way. She has also organized literacy program in various parts of New York, including Atlanta. She believes that the literature of Bangladesh is in a dignified position in the world. She said if Bengali literature is translated properly, our literary work and the image of Bangladesh will be brighter. She thinks that the strength of our patriotism will take Bangladesh to the goal of development. She has requested the Bangladeshi entrepreneurs residing abroad to invest in the country.

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