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Fun city above the clouds

As the cable car rises past deserted highlands and mountains covered in luxuries greeneries and the height keeps on mounting every moment until everything underneath becomes just a blur, all that you can feel is sheer amazement and excitement. Even those with  the most severe acrophobia is sure to forget their fear, at least for some time, and get totally lost in the natural bounties and man-made wonders around only one feeling overrides-the thrill and eagerness of exploring the “Fun city above the clouds” the Genting Highlands.

Nestled on a mountain peak (with a height of about 1860 m at its highest point) within the Totiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. Genting is much more than just a hill resort. It is a complete fun and entertainment package for the whole family with something to offer for every age, taste, and budget. The resort offers six hotels with 10,000 rooms, over 50 fun rides, 170 dining shopping outlets, business convention and performance venues and other entertainment options.

The main attritions of Genting where tourists spend most of their times, are perhaps its three theme parks-Genting Outdoor Theme Park. First World Indoor Theme Park and Water there. One whole day will fall short if you want to explore it all. Even if you go by their signature attractions, there are over 20 of them. However, the ones really not worth missing include the Flying Coaster, Genting Sky Venture, Haunted House, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, Snow World, and Space Shot. Enjoying these attractions with the clouds hovering just above your head, sometimes dripping and sometimes giving way to a clear sunny sky-is a totally unique and divine experience.

For those with a taste for casino, there is an added bonus. Genting Highlands has the only legal land-based casino-Casino de Genting, in the country, where you can play your heart out. The resort also offers five performance venues where different ceremonies, concerts and other programs can be held. Popular international award ceremonies concerts reality shows, competitions, etc. are regularly held at these venues drawing thousands of visitors performers, and celebrities from all across the world. Arena of Stars is the most popular among these venues.

Usually a day long visit is enough to enjoy the main attractions of the place, and that is what many tourists opt for, but if you want to explore further and have a more elaborate experience, there are plenty of option for overnight stay at different price ranges. Resorts World Genting has five hotels- Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, and First World Hotel which holds the Guinness World Record as the largest hotel in the world since 2006, with a total of 6,118 rooms. The First World Hotel also hosts the First World Plaza-a modern shopping mall offering souvenirs and many renowned brands. As for night activities, you can spend your time at one of Genting’s four bars-Safari, Cloud 9, All Sports Bar and Patio Bar & Lounge. The dining options are also varied, starting from all kinds of popular fast food outlets to posh dine outs of different cuisines- Indian, Cantonese, Thai,  Chinese, Western, and so on.

Genting is accessible by car from Kuala Lumpur in one hour. But nothing can  beat the experience of traveling by a cable car called Genting Skyway which once used to be the world’s fastest. Buses and taxis are widely available from the main city points to take you to the Skyway station. Getting around at Genting is quite easy as all the main structures are connected  with link ways, underground tunnels, and escalators,  with proper signage and direction. Given the altitude of the place, the temperature is usually much lower than in Kuala Lumpur and it is better to carry some light warm clothes, especially for the night. Prices at Genting be it food, accommodation, or something else, are usually higher than at the capital, but there are all kinds of options, starting from budget to splurge. Overall, Genting is sure to offer a nice, enjoyable experience in a budget and family friendly way.

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