It gives me immense pleasure to express my gratitude to all our valued customers and patrons. I never fail to thank to those who joined us in our journey from our nascent stage to till date in creating a group called “Noapara Group”. Our business is now highly diversified from imports to manufacturing. “Noapara Group” is now manufacturing quality cement and using latest state of the art technology. It is also producing international grade of NPKS fertilizers at our factory in Noapara. Our main motto is to enhance the development of our nation in the field’s food, health and housing. Noapara Group believes in giving back to the society and country through various initiatives and corporate social service activities. Bangladesh is densely populated country. Our nation’s facilities in good quality seeds, crops storage facilities and ample supply of good fertilizer is not enough. Our group’s aim and mission is to fulfill this goal and achieve self-sufficiency in the field of agricultural production of grains and help our nation feed all our people. In Bangladesh, Pharmaceutical sector is one of the
core of sector which is contributing the second largest revenue to the country’s economy. “CONCORD Pharmaceuticals Ltd.” is determined to manufacture high quality health care products that improve the quality of life of people. We believe in “Better Medicine Better life” which contributes towards the growth of a healthy Nation. In Noapara Cement we are fulfilling the needs of our country in achieving affordable housing for all. We believe that our three products- quality cement, quality fertilizer NPKS and international quality medicine will fulfill human’s three basic needs i.e affordable food, quality housing and medicine. Besides, we are importing food grains, coal and others important fertilizers to meet the demand of our nation. We are always there for our people and work towards enhancing the development of our country and take it to greater heights in this world. Lastly I would like to thank all our clients and patrons for their continuous support without whom we could not have been achieved our goals and established this group.

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