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Life is a Journey Which is Uncertain and Unknown. And It Will Take You to Its Desired Destination

Professor Dr. Sultan Salahudin Ahmed

A Brave Freedom Fighter and Physician

Professor Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed is one of the unique Bangladeshi Americans who has earned a good reputation in the USA medical world. He is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Larkin University, University of Miami, Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University, Barry University, Spartan University and Ross Medical University. As a renowned teacher, researcher and advanced physician, his name is widely discussed in the medical field including the Bangladeshi community.
Bangladesh’s proud son Professor Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed was born on June 7, 1953 in an educated aristocratic family. His ancestral home is in Rajshahi. His grandfather, the late Shamsuddin Ahmed, was the director of the Department of Archaeology. He was fluent in 6 languages. He was later honored as the ‘National Professor’. Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed’s father was the administrative officer at a sugar mill at Bheramar in Kushtia. He started his education at Bheramara. He join the prestigious school Govt. Laboratory High school in Dhaka and graduated his matriculation in 1969. He later completed his college degree from Dhaka College in 1972 and obtained Medical degree from Dhaka Medical College in 1978.
Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed is a freedom fighter. When he was a student of Dhaka College, the libration war started and he joined the war in sector 9. He was captured by the Pakistani aggressors. He was tortured in the prison camp but miraculously survived death. During the libration war many important and secret information of the freedom fighters were regularly published and disseminated in Dhaka city through cyclostyle machine which was invented by him. Later, this machine brought him international fame. As a doctor, he is quite sympathetic to common people. Many times, he has helped to save lives of the needy and helpless patients by buying expensive medicines with his own salary.
The handsome physician Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed used to do two programs on BTV called “Your Doctor” and “Biggyan Bichitra”. For this reason, he was a very popular figure among the audience at that time. While studying at Dhaka College, Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed Sir loves him a lot.
Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed never gets disappointed during ups and downs of his life. He possesses a self-confident and courageous mind at every moment. After coming to abroad, he didn’t lose patience during severe economic crisis. He had to sell flowers in the streets and sleep on the train.
At one stage, this talented physician got the opportunity to join an American university as a teacher. There are many achievements in his diversified life. His thought about life is very realistic. He himself is now a well-known physician, but he felt afraid to seek medical attention when he fell ill during his childhood. When he had a fever at his grandfather’s house in Chittagong, he would be given medicine mixed with milk or Horlicks.
Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed is a poet close to life and soil. There isn’t only words of liberation war in his writings but also words of land and it’s people. He has highlighted many memories of his life in the words ‘Sutor Tane’. Commenting on the book ‘Sutor Tane’, many scholars say- ‘How much the life can be bright, struggling, hardworking and creative, ‘Sutor Tane’ is it’s living example. If you want to understand the key principle of winning the battle of life, you need to read it.
Though Professor Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed lives in America but he has engaged himself with various social organizations thinking of the poor and helpless people of Bangladesh. Hope Foundation is one of them. He is one of the board members of the organization. This organization is cooperating in the development of poor mothers and children in Bangladesh. Hope Foundation has set up a hospital in Cox’s Bazar as well as at a Rohingya camp. His grandfather deeply remembers a philosophy of the late National Professor Shamsuddin Ahmed. After being recognized as a national professor, he says in the ceremony that, “What I have done all my life is not in the hope of getting something”. He said to Sultan Salahuddin, ‘When you work, do not ask for anything in return. Do the work with joy that is your life. If you expect something in return, the demand will increase.”
Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed, a friend of humanity, spent a lot of time in medical activities. He utilizes his time in teaching and serving the patients at his medical office. He is very optimistic about Bangladesh. He thinks that Bangladesh has become independent through a valiant struggle and it’s development is inevitable.
Professor Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed has set up many medical courses for medical schools and hospitals in different cities of the world through his own efforts. This scholarly personality thinks, “Life is a journey which is uncertain and unknown, and it will take you to its desired destination if you continue working for the best of your ability.”


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