Md. Khaleque, An entrepreneur and a philosopher

Md. Khaleque, the founder of Pacific Group, a globally renowned industrial group in Bangladesh, is one of the few people in the world who constantly pursues truth-seeking, embracing humanity and human qualities rather than money and wealth. He is an enterprising and self-confident artistic figure in his career but there is a presence of philosophical thought between life and perception in his mind as well
Entrepreneur Md. Khaleque was born in an aristocratic business family in Mirpur Upazila in Kushtia District. His father used to trade cloths at Alamdanga town. He was revered as Haji Saab. Md. Khaleque was very meritorious from his childhood. He passed SSC examination from Halsa High School, Kushtia and HSC from Kushtia Government College. Thereafter, he completed honors and post-graduate in English Literature from Rajshahi University.

While studying in college and university, Md. Khaleque was involved in leftist student politics. But he was sincere enough about his studies and religious discipline. He used to stay at University’s Hossain Shaheed Suhrawardy Hall. Although many of his close friends encouraged him to skip classes or get drunk but he was firm on moral ethics. He thought his father made a lot of money. That money should not be wasted at all.

As a child from a business family, he never thought of becoming a businessman throughout of his student life. From childhood, he wanted to become a pilot. Although his dream didn’t come true but he used to spend a lot of time on planes for business purposes.
The self-confident and visionary Md. Khaleque started a buying house and indenting business establishing Pacific Impex Ltd in 1992. He alone used to supply machineries in different factories, take orders, place orders in different factories shipment, banking activities etc. He also had to travel different countries. He did not like to leave any work undone. He firms in the saying that commitment is commitment. He learned from his father that maintaining commitment in business is more important than capital.

Thereafter, Md. Khaleque established a garment industry. Under his efficient management, Pacific Group has expanded its business not only in the country, but also in the United States. He has built few multi storied commercial building in Dhaka such as Pacific Tower. The headquarters of Industrial Police is located in his building and he owns IBN SINA Diagnostic Complex in Uttara as well. He also constructed Pacific Industrial Complex in Ashulia, Dhaka and few Residential buildings in Uttara, Dhaka. He has homes in both Toronto and New York.

He is very pious in his personal life but not fanatical. His late father used to teach them about their religious discipline. It is not limited to prayers and fasting. He used to say that we should thing about making any harm to any human beings. We must help the poor and unprivileged people. Aiming to do this, he has established madrasas, orphanages and schools in his village to impart education to poor and helpless people. He has been financially helping hundreds of Mosques and madrasas, schools and colleges in Mirpur and Bheramara Upazila in Kushtia and Alamdanga Upazila in Chuadanga since last 20 years. He has also been helping his friends and family of Bangladeshi Americans and Canadian who are in any problems in Bangladesh during visit and also helping their families too, even he has helped so many people who he doesn’t know personally but they know him as facebook friend.
Md. Khaleque sometimes has to go to New York, sometimes to Dhaka and sometimes to his village home. Sometimes, he has to go to his mother, to the madrasa and school including his relatives. His wife and children live in both Toronto and New York. A large part of the business is in Dhaka. While he stays in Kushtia, he feels the smell of the soil mixed with the affection of his parents. In his own words, ‘I live in abroad but my soul, all happiness and peace lies in Dhaka. When I come to my soil, my mind fills with peace. I can feel the selfless love and affection of my parents here.”
In this regard, he conveys his deep feelings in such a way that, “My body is in America and my mind, my consciousness and my soul are lying on the ground of Bangladesh as my whole body touching the ground.
Md. Khaleque is not only known as an entrepreneurial businessman in both Bangladesh and the United States but also a philosophical image in his message. He is not confined himself to worldly business or the thought of reforming life. Everywhere of his psychological world, there is a space of spiritual thoughts and consciousness where pure and fragrant buds are blooming all the time. When people are robbing bank’s money in name of Loan and showing themselves as Cordon Bleu, I built of my businesses and buildings with my own money. I don’t have any Bank loans anywhere in the world. I believe in the saying ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth’.

He writes, “There is very little time between life and death but there is a big distance. We do so many things in this worldly life which is valueless.” Such expression of thoughts in the pen of an international level entrepreneurial personality means that he undoubtedly flourished himself in a philosophy shape.
When Md. Khaleque stays far away from his wife and children, he feels the real meaning of love and affection. His mind becomes restless when he thinks about the difference between thoughts and physical distance. There does not exist Md. Khaleque in this thought but the presence of a philosopher Khaleque is proved there. The expression of feelings begins to appear in him again. He becomes impatience to return and meet his wife, children and family. This shows how deeply Md. Khaleque loves his wife and family. As soon as he is away, he becomes anxious even in the midst of business.

Md. Khaleque leads a disciplined life. From an early age, he was aware of society and family. He used to wake up early morning, pray five times. He always starts morning and jogging walk at 7.00 , starts exercise at 8.30 and back to home by 10.00 am. He then takes breakfast at 10.30 am, launch at 2.00 pm and dinner at 8.30 pm and goes to bed by 11.30 pm. He believes in the slogan that health is the key to all happiness.
Md. Khaleque had great respect for his father. He never wanted to do anything that would tarnish his family’s honor, considering his father and family’s traditions and status. That is why even at the time of the free and independent life at university, he never pay heed to the call of many of his friends for drinking liquor. He always gives priority to human values
Md. Khaleque, who is attracted by philosophical thinking, can learn a things considering the reality. How a grain seed with its own essence makes the oasis of the world full of flowers. Dreams are not dreams, dreams must be built in the heart. Dreams must be tied to the heart, must be extinguished and perfected. APJ Abul Kalam, a former president of India, a scientific and philosophical figure, has also pointed out that “Dream is not that you see in sleep, dream is something that does not let you sleep.” Though there are differences among the great scholars but there is an impossible similarity in their thoughts.
He is endowed with brilliant results of his children in studies and successes at workplace. So, he says with joy that I am blessed, I am the proud child of my proud father and I am also the father of proud children.

Md. Khaleque has learned things by evaluating in the light of social reality. “Happiness and hobby are very close. If there is happiness, hobby will come. However, when hobby is bought with happiness, happiness often goes away in a bad mood. Happiness becomes haram (forbidden) when many people are overwhelmed by the happiness of their wives and children and when they involve themselves in a party, club, playing golf or alone or in the luxury of the so-called upper class. Happiness does not come to life like this. For happiness, one has to work hard and pursue. Someone who makes so much money, makes the family happy, that man often goes to bring hobbies by happiness and fills his life with sufferings in the luxury of hobbies. You are happily flying around the world with the pain of a hobby and your heart is burning.”

Only a philosophical person can evaluate life in this way. In this regard, one of his friends gave the example that one day his friend was having a colorful drink in a five-star hotel with his beautiful wife. Md. Khaleque scolded his friend and said that all places aren’t for everyone; you should sit at home with your wife and drink. His friend said- Who cares? Later, Md. Khaleque’s words proved right. One day, his friend’s wife eloped with another person leaving his children.

That is why he writes that he should not deprive himself or his wife and children of social, religious and family values by wearing high-quality garments as a hobby. I am in this place with a lot of hardships, but to pursue happiness, one should not take such a mood or dress as a hobby, so that all happiness may fly away from the family.

Md. Khaleque is blessed with five daughters, only one son who are very talented students. His two daughters are Canadian citizenship holder, three USA citizenship and his only son holds US citizen. His eldest daughter, Farzana Yasmin, has graduated from University of Toronto in Business Management and is working as Corporate Manager at CIBC Bank Head Office, Toronto. His second daughter, Humaira Hasin, has graduated from University of Toronto in International Business Management and is working as Human Resources Manager in a Multi National Company in Toronto. His third daughter, Sabya Khaleque, has graduated from Buffalo University in Bio Medical Science. His fourth daughter, Lutfia Khaleque, is studying with full scholarship in University of Wisconsin Madison in International Relation (IR). His only son, Farhan Khaleque, is studying in University of New York with full scholarship in Computer Science. Khaleque’s youngest daughter, Sabrina Khaleque, is a student of Townsend Herris High School, one of the best schools in New York state (US News & World Report 2019), her school grade is 101%, she is expecting to go to Ivy League Universities. Md. Khaleque’s lifeboat is really full to the brim.

During corona pandemic, he reveals how deep his pain is for human. When I wake up, my mother looks like she is alone in a big house in the village with a maidservant. My mother is old, so sometimes I comfort her on the phone. I tell her to be careful. I also tell my siblings to be careful. This is another kind of suffering, it seems that my body is in America, and my mind, thought and consciousness are lying on the soil of Bangladesh which touches my whole body. The enemy which has made the whole world unrest is invisible. Millions of people are being died throughout the world but no one has anything to do. My dear earth, my mother, the soil where my bloodstains are mixed, the soil is infected today. My dear friends are in the procession of death; my siblings are infected by this invisible enemy. This is another trouble! It seems that I am a passenger of an ocean, losing a loved one in front of me, drowning but I am not able to pull the boat. This pain is like a bloodbath, is very familiar. My soil is very hot today – crying for a drop of water, the grain is wailing, today my limbs aren’t working, and my senses are numb. I want to fly but I have wings but no mass. We are experiencing with the back and forth of the scene.

Md. Khaleque says, “I am a mighty warrior – a lost wanderer of losing a loved one, with a wounded, silent, dull frozen body in fear of losing many more unknown loved ones, far away from motherland, dear family and friends. Thus, one can find the portrait of the entrepreneurial personality and philosopher in his deep thoughts. 3

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