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FOBANA, Zakaria Chowdhury’s Brain Child, Forging Ties Between USA, Bangladesh

Zakaria Chowdhury

Bangladesh is racing with time and M Jakaria Chowdhury (Jack), entrepreneur and business personality, is one of those who are making it possible. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the renowned business firm USABD Corporation. The energetic and smart Jakaria Chowdhury is an immigration representative in America. He is not only involved with business and trade but also engaged with global politics. He is an Executive Secretary of Federation of Bangladeshi Association in North America (FOBANA). He is one of those who put in monumental efforts to introduce FOBANA across the globe and establish it as a representative organization of Bangladeshi people. With their wholehearted assistances, the immigrant Bangladeshis are showing huge enthusiasm to take part in the FOBANA conference. It has become a place of get-together throughout the world.
Visionary, industrious, talented entrepreneur and seasoned organizer M Jakaria Chowdhury (Jack) is the president of NRB Business Association. He is the Senior Vice-President of Bangladesh League of NY Inc. With a view to changing the fate of the Bangladeshi people, he established USA Committee for Secular & Democratic Bangladesh.
Being a firm soldier of the ideology of the architect of the independent Bangladesh and Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, M Jakaria Chowdhury is the Acting President of New York City Awami League. He hopes to Sonar Bangla must be established which Bangabandhu dreamt for. For this, all will work collectively. He said calling up the immigrants’ businessmen that Bangladesh is our motherland and our roots. It is necessary to invest within the county to develop our motherland. We should assist the development process which incumbent government has started under the visionary leadership of Prime Minsiter Sheikh Hasian.
The luminary and enterprising Jakaria opines that Bangladesh is a country of huge potentiality. It has a huge manpower. We can achieve place in the list of the richest countries of the world through utilizing our manpower. In this regard, we need proper training facilities to turn the manpower into skilled hands. After taking proper training, they can certainly get opportunity to work abroad and thus we will be able to make more 10 or 20 multiple remittances.
Calm, gentle and modest M Jakaria Chowdhury expressed his view to the immigrant Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and businessman to participate in various business summits including America. His opinion is that the more Bangladeshi entrepreneurs participate in business summits, the better for the image of the country. For this, the foreigners show eagerness to invest more in Bangladesh.
NRB Business Association President M Jakaria Chowdhury (Jack) said the incumbent government of Bangladesh is business-friendly. Under the leadership of this government, the country has succeeded to turn around. The poverty rate of the country has decreased while the education rate and per capita income has increased. Many public welfares activities like freedom fighters’ allowance, old-age-allowance brighten the humanitarian image of the country. Regarding the Rohingya deported to Bangladesh, he said Prime Minsiter Sheikh Hasina has established himself as “Mother of Humanity” providing safe shelter to them as well as uplifted the image of the country towards the world. M Jakaria Chowdhury expressed hope and said that our country is self-reliant in food. We needn’t beg for anything before the foreigners. We are now becoming middle-income country. In future, we will be able to emerge as developed country. He said that there is communal harmony in the country. As a result, there is no conflict over religion.
Regarding FOBANA, the active leader of Bangladesh community Jakaria said that this is a big platform where the immigrant Bangladeshis across the globe have the opportunity to get-together. Besides, we are getting inspiration to go ahead riding on the development highway.
He said that Bangladeshis aren’t lagging behind. We are going forward changing our own luck.
As a student, M Jakaria Chowdhury was also a meritorious student. He obtained SSC from Elahiganj High School and completed HSC and graduation from Dhaka Abujar Gifari University College. He achieved his MBA Program from Stamford University.
M Jakaria Chowdhury (Jack), a devoted soul for the development of the country, believes, “Country is bigger than any individual and party”.


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