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“Career Partner Australia is the first company of a Bangladeshi businessman supporting job seekers in Australia”

Mahbub Siraz Tuhin
Career Partner Australia
Director, Evargo

Mahbub Siraz Tuhin, an educated and talented young man from Bangladesh, went to Australia as skilled migrant after completing his post-graduate degree from Jahangirnagar University and was able to get established there. Quite self-confident, Mr. Mahbub is a former chairperson of the South Australian Bangladesh Community Association and now an advisor of this organization. He is currently working for the World Bangladesh Organization (WBO). Mr. Mahbub is a member of Royal Association of Justice SA Inc. Prior to this, he was the Chief of Human Resources at Covanta Energy. He was the Chairperson of the South Australian Bangladeshi Community Association from June 2018 to June 2019. He served as Chairperson of Impartiality Committee, GRS Certification until May 2020. Mr. Mahbub founded Society for Australia Bangladesh International Business (SABIB) to establish a business relationship with Bangladesh and Australia and Bangladeshi business community worldwide and performing as Founder Director General from the year 2014 till now.

Meritorious student Mahbub Siraz Tuhin holds BA (Honors) and Master of Arts degree from Jahangirnagar University, an MBA from Stamford University Bangladesh and a law degree from Northern University Bangladesh. Mr. Mahbub passed SSC from Bindu Basini Govt. High School, Tangail and HSC from Adamjee Cantonment College. He used to take part in debates during school and college. He currently resides in Adelaide, Australia.
Mahbub Siraz Tuhin received his post-graduate degree from the Australian HR Institute in 2012. Prior to this, he studied Tafe SA, Frontier Education and Technology, Singapore Institute of Management. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in Personnel Management from BIM, Dhaka. Mahbub is a member of Royal Association of Justices SA Inc., Australian Institute of Management and Australian Human Resource Institute. He is also a member of Society Human Resources Management, USA.
After graduation, Mr. Mahbub joined Covanta Energy, USA as Chief of Human Resources. He later became the director of Telephone System International (TSI), a USA based company. He served as the in charge of the Middle East and Central Asia. Returning to Bangladesh, he served as Human Resource Manager at American President Lines (APL), a shipping business company.

Mahbub Siraz Tuhin came to Australia with his family in 2009. In 2014, he got the citizenship here. After many ups and downs, he established ‘Career Partner Australia’ in 2010. This is the first Bangladeshi businessman’s recruitment and career support company in Australia. He then became a director of Evergo, an Australian export-import company which conducts business worldwide. His life took a significant turn in 2014. In that year, he was appointed to Justice of Peace (JP) post at South Australian by South Australian Govt. At that stage, he joined as a member of the Royal Assessment Justice SA Inc.

Mahbub Siraz Tuhin is organizationally skillful from his childhood and engaged himself with various organizations in the Australian mainstream community including Bangladeshi community in Australia. He is a former chairperson and current advisor to the South Australian Bangladeshi Community Association (SABCA), the largest organization of Bangladeshis in South Australia. He served as the editor-in-chief in SABCA’s annual magazine for four times and he generates50,000 dollars for SABCA from there. In the year 2015, Mr. Mahbub took initiative and lead Bangladeshi Community to help Bush Fire victims in South Australia. In 2016, he raised funds for flood victims in Bangladesh. Mr. Mahbub Siraz is a Brand Ambassador of Food Bank Australia and raise fund with the aim of hunger free Australia for mainstream Australians. Under his leadership, the corona-affected people of the mainstream community are being helped including the helpless people in the Bangladeshi community. He along with others has also raised funds for Bangladesh. Mahbub Siraz is also assisting to organize the Consular Camp of Canberra Bangladesh High Commission. He is the project director of the employment program adopted by SABCA and the South Australian Government for the employment of victims in COVID-19.

Mahbub Siraz Tuhin, a talented young man of the time, was the convener of the Australia Chapter at the 2016 Global Summit in Kuala Lumpur. As an entrepreneur, his role is also extensive. He is the CEO and Founder of Career Partner Australia and Founder Director General of Society for Bangladesh Australia International Business (SABIB); Executive Board Member of World Bangladesh Organization (WBO), Paris, French; Chairman of Impartiality Committee, GRS, Brisbane and Justice of Peace for South Australia.

Mahbub Siraz Tuhin leads a disciplined life. He is very happy in his personal life. His wife Shahrukh Naz Anzona was his classmate at Jahangirnagar University. His wife Shahrukh Naz Anzona is also doing a prestigious job in a reputed not for profit organization under lifestyle department. Mr. Mahbub is a father of one son who is currently studying year 11 at Unley High School.

Mahbub Siraz Tuhin’s dream is to utilize his talents, skills, knowledge and global network for the development his beloved motherland specially in his expertise area of human resource development and business under a skill development framework and prepare Bangladeshi young generation as skilled candidate for the global labor market specially in the developed countries like Australia, Canada, USA, Europe.

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