SM Badrul Huq Georgie
CEO, B&H Towels of Linens

SM Badrul Huq Georgie comes from a traditional highly educated, aristocratic business and political family in Chattogram, the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Maintaining the family’s reputation, he has established himself as one of the best business entrepreneurs in Florida, USA.
Badrul Huq Georgie is the founder and CEO of B&H Towels of Linens, one of the top companies in Florida. His father, late SM Bazlul Huq was also a gentle, dynamic, intelligent individual and highly educated who graduated from London. He was one of the renowned politicians in Bangladesh, who has immensely contributed to making Chattogram a commercial city.
The Late SM Bazlul Huq was engaged in the movement of Lionism and was the President of Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Party founded by Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq. He was a businessman during the Pakistan period and visited many countries including the USA , England and Germany. Grandfather of Georgie’s Mother Late Khan Saheb Abdul Hakim Miah was a ruler of Chattogram during the British period. There is a ‘waqf estate’ at Monsurabad of North Agrabad after his name.
After completing SSC from Chattogram Cantonment Public School & College, SM Badrul Huq Georgie got admitted to Dhaka College. In 1982, he went to Germany to pursue higher education on Operational Shipping. After returning to the country, he went to America in 1988 and obtained a green card. After two years, he returned to Bangladesh in 1990. He joined as Executive Director to the Dhaka office of his father’s company SM Bazlul Huq & Co. Ltd. He was then 25 years old. At that time, the number of employees in his office was more than 50 people. He performed his duties with great honesty and sincerity. By working at his father’s office, he has earned the encouragement to become an entrepreneur in the future.
SM Badrul Huq Georgie moved to America in 2006 and immediately emerged as a first-class entrepreneur. He established B&H Towels & Linens, a luxury industry of the service sector, in Florida. B&H Towels & Linens drew the attention of customers within a short time and the products of the company got the importance among common people including high standard hotels. As a local company, B&H Towels & Linens has been accorded with the ‘Best of 2019 Panama City Award’ as the best company for assessing marketing methods, annual growth, economic progress, quality of products, community involvement, customer service, etc. This is a prestigious award in the USA. B&H Towels & Linens got this award in the category of producing and supplying high standard towels and linen. It is because B&H Towels & Linens is the producer and supplier of Florida’s luxury textile sector. Towel and bed sheets made of high-quality materials in America are of excellent quality. Apart from that, towels have a great demand for use in the kitchen as well as in hotels. This company is based in Central Florida with a warehouse measuring 10,000 square feet in the heart of Orlando.SM Badrul Huq Georgie is committed to providing quality products and customer service. The quality of their customer service is always excellent. The products ordered by customers are supplied within 1 or 3 days in accordance with the distance. Georgie’s children also foster the mentality of dynamic leadership like their grandfather. His eldest son Rezwan Huq is a political figure in the USA at this early age and delivers lectures on social awareness at different universities and cities glorifying not only himself but also Bangladesh. The younger son Baized Huq completed eighth grade with honors in 2014 from Saint John Catholic School which is one of the top private schools in Florida. Baized is now a student of Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University at Daytona Beach, Florida. Following in the footsteps of her father, his daughter Maisha Huq is also involved in different social activities.
Though Georgie is one of the top business individuals in Florida, he believes that his roots lie in Bangladesh. Maintaining the tradition of this family, he thinks about the development of his locality. He used to help the poor and helpless people at times. His father Lion SM Bazlul Huq is the idol to him who was a politician and businessman. He feels proud of his father’s activities and social identity. He opines that his father gave him an opportunity to gather business experience besides his studies during his college life, which is now being applied in achieving success in life.
In the course of talking, SM Badrul Huq Georgie says when he hears about any success of Bangladesh from abroad, he feels very proud. “The people of Bangladesh are hard-working. Proper leadership is able to transform Bangladesh as a developed country,” he opines.3

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