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“Bangladesh Society should be more welfare-oriented”

Ahsan Habib A businessman and leader of Bangladesh Society Inc.

As a luminary of Bangladesh, Ahsan Habib has now established himself as a successful entrepreneur and businessman in Brooklyn, USA. He is the general secretary of Bangladesh American Lions Club and one of the main leaders of Bangladesh American Business Alliance and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. He is also the president of Narsingdi Zilla Samity there. Ahsan Habib is not satisfied with his present position in the USA. He wants to enhance the social status of Bangladeshi Americans highlighting the community in a proper manner. He believes, if we boost the activities of Bangladeshi community, we can become able to organize ourselves By doing this, we can able to reinforce our position in the mainstream society of the USA. His opinion is that if we want to achieve this goal, we have to set up Bangladesh schools and libraries in New York including various programs with a view to drawing the attention of the new generation Bangladeshi Americans to our Bengali literature and culture. We also take steps to provide competitive scholarship and arrange excursion as well as distribute school supply among students for free in order to encourage developing the mental strength of students of Bangladesh community. Ahsan Habib opines, necessary steps should be taken to provide English and computer education to all including old male and female community. He wants to launch an informative website for Bangladeshi community where information of jobs including required information of Bangladesh and the USA will be provided there. Through this website, anyone can get all required information. He thinks, if the history, culture and tourist places of Bangladesh are included here in the website, the interest among new generation and foreigners will increase. Ahsan Habib gets involved in social and cultural activities from his childhood. He engaged in students’ organization during his school and college life. He always thinks to work for people. He believes, if everybody comes forward to help others, we won’t face so many crisis. He opines, we may not have the capability to give anyone job but if we give information to jobseekers then someone may get job.

Ahsan Habib always remains busy with thinking about the welfare of Bangladesh community in New York. He believes, if any person of Bangladesh community is able to establish in business or in the mainstream job in the USA, the community and Bangladesh both will be benefitted by him or her. Ahsan Habib, an energetic and a young businessman, is the proprietor of a business firm named ‘Madina International Corporation’. He is engaged in shipping business. During the coronavirus pandemic, he along with his friends and colleagues has stood beside helpless and workless people. He has taken initiatives to provide relief goods at different areas of Bangladesh particularly in Narsingdi. Ahsan Habib is a kind-hearted and devoted soul to make development of Bangladeshi community. He opines, Bangladesh Society needs to make more welfare-oriented which will not only arrange get-together program but also take Bangladeshi community ahead.

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