Probashi Kalyan Bank (a specialised Banking for the welfare of expatriate Bangladesh) is likely to commence soon its onward journey fulfilling the long felt demand of our expatriate foreign exchange earners scattered all across the globe and an election pledge of the incumbent government. It is said that it is better late than never. So hopefully a long felt demand is going to be materialized which should have been done long before.

The creation of this specialized Bank will primarily serve two crucial purposes simultaneously (a) creating an opportunity for loan for those who aspire to go abroad on getting employed and (b) remitting money to their beneficiaries at home hasslefree. The bank will also do motivational work on the beneficiaries so that they do not use the hard-earned money in unproductive spending. Bangladeshi expatriates working abroad remitted taka Seventy thousand nine hundred eighty-one crore in 2009, of which 66 per cent is being sent by low wage earners living abroad, Remittance of expatriates builds up 10 billion US dollar foreign exchange reserve in the central Bank. This has been created with sweated labour of Bangladeshis.

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