Recurrent hartals, now-a-days 5 days in a week very recently plunges the country’s economy into a state of dehydrated patient of extreme hopelessness, Electronic & Print Media pictures show labourers sit and wait for contractors to hire them almost every nook & corner of this country but go back with utter frustration. Rickshaw drivers who belong to lowest strata of economic segment of the society go back home without the call of a passenger to ride. These people go hungry because they earn their bread & butter on daily basis. Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA) asks the feuding political leaderships to save RMG from imminent danger. And also to save 80 lakh RMG workers, mostly women from extinction. The question “if the country does not exit where these self-seeking so-called political leaders or in other vulgar word “Touts” will do their nasty political games?” The GDP is going down day after day. Now below 6%. Then how the economy will survive amid such boisterous political imbroglio?

Emergency Services including healthcare faces a shattering blow. Doctors onduty stay at home for safety reasons. Patients die at home rather than to go to hospitals because wanton vandalism perpetrated on several occasions.

Both the party in power and the opposition play blame games at the cost of human suffering. Recently Islamist Fundamentalists have made an ever big showdown in a bid to capture state power taking advantages of a political chaous. People believe in democracy and transparency of power transfer, So no sudden jerk will work here. K_vq e‡j ÔÔ†m ¸‡o evwj|ÕÕ Jamaat backing Islamist Fundamentalists to get the war criminals set free. So let us to wait & see.

Wishing a very happy Bangla New Year 1420

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